DAELIM Energy is founded to be a global provider in the energy and infrastructure sectors with a particular focus on power and resources. Since it began operations in December 2013, DAELIM Energy intends to cover the full energy value chain of investment, development, financing, EPCM and O&M through its EPC track records, in-house O&M/procurement capabilities and relationship with major developers and financial institutions.

DAELIM Energy has participated in various Independent Power Provider deals and accomplished to have 4.2GW power plants operating not only in developed countries such as Korea and Australia, but also in developing countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh where the demand for electricity is rapidly rising.

DAELIM Energy is also diversifying its portfolio of power plants from conventional power plants (Pocheon CCPP, Millmerran CFPP) to renewable power plants (Poseung Biomass Cogeneration, Metro Wind, Gul Ahmed Wind and Hawa Wind, Tafila Wind, Chile PMGD Solar PV, etc.)

50 + professionals work at DAELIM Energy to realize its vision, which is to achieve 10GW+ in total power capacity by 2020.

Our Shareholders

Founded in 1939, the DAELIM Group represents Korean industrial sector with 13 affiliates in power generation, logistics, manufacturing and IT.

DAELIM Industrial, 70% shareholder of DAELIM Energy, is a global construction, petrochemical company with the longest history in Korea. It is the only construction company listed in the top 100 since its inception in 1955 and Asia’s fourth largest ethylene facilities and World’s No.1 manufacturer of PB (open market basis), has been striving for specialization into a high value-added chemical industry.

DAELIM Corporation, 30% shareholder of DAELIM Energy, was established in 1994 as a marketing company and logistics provider. DAELIM Corporation handles a wide range of petrochemical products including the basic raw materials of petro chemicals, naphtha, solvents and synthetic resins. It also specializes in trading petrochemical products as well as marine transportation.