Gas Power

Gas Power
Gas-fueled generating facilities are primarily used to meet peak-load demands as they are flexible to build and operate. Although natural gas generation is more expensive compared to coal fired plants due to higher fuel cost, gas-fueled plants are cheaper and faster to build and, in addition, they produce cleaner energy. That is why business opportunities exist in environmentally-conscious developed/developing countries or in oil-producing regions such as the Middle East and Latin America. With the increased production and distribution of shale gas in recent years, gas plants are expected to grow as a key source of electricity in the future.

Since 2006, DAELIM Industrial, a major shareholder of DAELIM Energy, has been expanding its portfolio in EPC contracting; the company’s portfolio now includes overseas EPC operations such as Shoaiba Power Plant in Saudi Arabia and BASF-YPC Integrate Petrochemical Complex in China. Meanwhile, DAELIM Energy has developed and led commercial operation of Pocheon Power in Korea with a 1,560MW generation capacity.

DAELIM Energy currently has projects underway in Central America where it is seeking to expand business even further. As an EPC frontrunner, DAELIM Industrial’s vast experience can be used for leverage while DAELIM Energy’s O&M capacity--demonstrated through Pocheon Power—can be utilized. DAELIM Energy is presently looking to expand its business up the value chain. It is also reviewing the possibility of introducing an LNG terminal that can directly feed its LNG-fueled power plant.

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