Highway Solar PV(Korea)

Highway Solar Co., LTD was established with joint investments by
Pocheon Power Co., LTD, a subsidiary of DAELIM Energy, and Korea
Expressway Corporation
The company generates and sells electricity using solar panels installed
in eight different regions across Korea closely located to the Gyeongbu
Expressway, including North Chungcheong Province, Yeongcheon in
North Gyeongsang Province, Ulsan region and the Jeolla line region.

Highway Solar’s project has been highly praised for repurposing unused roads, abandoned service stations and idle land along highways as beds for solar cells to generate green electricity. The total capacity of Highway Solar’s panels is 5.2MW.
대한민국 충청북도 청원군 가덕면 삼항리 310-3 대한민국 충청북도 보은군 마로면 적암리 242 대한민국 경상북도 영천시 금호읍 약남리 931-4 대한민국 울산광역시 울주군 언양읍 태기리 684-1 대한민국 전라남도 장성군 서삼면 장산리 산176-1

Highway Solar - Samhang

Project Outline

Project Outline
Company Name Highway Solar Co., Ltd
Total Investment Cost USD 20 Million
Capacity 5.2 MW
Construction Period 2014.03 ~ 2015.04
Major Shareholders Pocheon Power (40%), Korea Expressway Corporation (29%)